• A Complete Illustrated History of Sri Lanka

A journey of the people of Ceylon (Sri Lanka ) through time from the Geological Epoch through the Prehistoric Ages, into the Mahavamsa Period and Beyond.

A new perspective on the history of Sri Lanka 

* The Geological origins of the island              * The origins and history of Muslims in Sri Lanka

* Prehistory before Vijaya      * The Indus Axis of Sri Lanka

*Who were the Nagas  * Tamil Invasions and the South Indian Connection

*History beyond the Mahavamsa  * From Hinduism to Buddhism

*The Inscriptions and the Chronicles * Buddhism in Jaffna

*Who are the Sinhalese  * Is irrigation an exclusive legacy of the Mahavamsa Kings?

*How old is the Sinhalese language  * Towards and after independence

*Origins of Tamils and their language * The Rise and Demise of Tamil Militancy

* How did the Tamils become influential in Sri Lanka

696 pages 487 illustrations , tables and maps

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