Maker's Box is an innovative course designed to develop curiosity, critical thinking, and problem-solving and to form a habit of building ingenious inventions!

With Maker's Box, you'll receive materials and tools specifically designed for each activity of the month.

No need to worry about gathering supplies or searching for the perfect tools, we've got you covered!

Each box comes packed with all the necessary materials to complete the activity of the week, and we even include some bonus tools to help your little one to take their creations to the next level.

Together with Maker’s Box, they provide The Makers online learning portal and it features two friendly avatars, Nova and Neo, who guide kids through the learning process using a range of innovative tools, such as 3D models and audio elements. With Nova and Neo as their guides, kids can enjoy a more immersive and interactive learning experience that makes learning fun and rewarding.

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Maker's Box for Children

  • Rs. 4,400.00

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